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If you have traveled around our site, you have undoubtedly discovered that we are very interested in pursuing every opportunity for the blind to have the chance to compete on terms of equality. Education has a cost as we all well know. As we take every effort to raise funds for these endeavors, we have found that there are those that want to help. If that is you, we have taken the time to make that as convenient for you as possible by having this Donate Button:
Please allow us to thank you in advance for your contribution.

The National Federation of the Blind of Michiana is in the process of attempting to accomplish several things. We have learned that a blind person’s capability is determined by knowledge. When we are ignorant of the possibilities, we are held captive to that unawareness. It is decreed therefore by the moral responsibility of the ones who are distinguished, to extend that knowledge to those who are not. We take this obligation very seriously. We fulfill this restraint in several ways. Firstly, we are examples because we are successful, and accomplished. We intend on leading by that example.

With blind children everywhere (nearly 1000 in K- 12 in Indiana alone) we achieve that role model status through different programs, and events geared specifically toward them. We also have found that parents cannot afford the required access technology that is needed for them to achieve the intended level of independence. We want to help with this challenge. We are attempting to put together a fundraising campaign that would fuel an application processed program that would help a parent obtain that equipment for their schooled child. Often these accouterments are relatively expensive, and that is why we are extending the inquiry for financial support.

We also have found that even when devices are obtained, there is often a learning curve that would be minimized if there was an opportunity to gain instruction. For all ages, we would like to host community based seminars that would offer said

Training. These seminars would also be tailored toward businesses with the idea of exposing potential employers to that level of technology, and accomplished capabilities due to such. A blind person could have all the training in the world, but if the employer doesn’t have a clue of the potential, that blind person doesn’t have much of a chance. We want to change that.

Even though we take initiative in our own fundraising activities, it is still a humble thing to acknowledge that we lack the funding to push this agenda forward. You can rest assured that the financial contribution that you make to this organization will have a very positive impact on our own community. Please allow me to thank you in advance for your help.

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