Welcome to the Home Page of the National Federation of the Blind of Michiana!

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The truth is that when we see blind doctors, lawyers, judges, governors, writers, teachers, and preachers, we become acutely aware that the issue keeping a blind person absent from the pinnacle of their career is not their blindness.  As technology progresses,  the playing field becomes more level as to the advances to incorporating blind people into every day social, and gainful employment opportunities. Much has changed in the way of doing what someone thinks a blind person can do, to the blind person accomplishing his or her dreams. Truthfully speaking… That is the bottom line. Every Blind person has the right to reach for the stars; every blind person has the right to dream, and to fulfill those dreams, just like everyone else.

The National Federation of the Blind believes in blind people. We believe because we are, and are very successful at all we do. We are because we don’t give up. That particular attitude draws us closer, and closer; not only to achieving our goals, but to one another. We are a family of brothers and sisters, with wounds from the world, and battle scars that bear witness to the right to the Medal of Honor which this organization brandishes so valiantly. From the foundation of this organization, men and women alike have poured blood, sweat and tears into making us who we are now, and count it a privilege to pour into the next generation of blind people who must carry the torch.

Is there still discrimination? Yes. Do people hate us because we are blind? No. Many people, including blind people, aren’t even aware of the fullness of the opportunities that are available. We don’t much believe in letting people answering for us, we have our own voice. We don’t much believe in people grabbing us by the hand and leading us everywhere, we use our canes. We don’t believe in society conforming to us, that hasn’t ever gotten  any blind person anywhere. We do believe in the heart of the person to make the decision that blindness does not restrain them, but that they are going to get the proper training, an adequate education, and are going to step back into society with the confidence, respect, and ability to live a first class life, with first class benefits.

Have we arrived yet? Well, not all of us. If you are the type that looks at the cup half empty, then that might not be a promising statement to you, but if you are like me, and the rest of the National Federation of the Blind and look at the cup half full, then we see the ones who have made it, and know it is more than possible. As they pour into us, let us pour into you. Check out our site, give us a call, and come to our meeting. We are the NFB, and we’re changing what it means to be blind!