BEET Conference — Blind Education Employment and Technology Conference, Goshen College, Goshen, IN 46544 10 am to 3 pm.

The ever-expanding wave of technology coming at us sometimes poses
more questions than answers.

Are you an educator or an employer wondering what to do the next time
someone with a sensory disability wants to enroll or apply for a job?

Are you a parent or guidance counselor trying to advise a blind or
print-disabled teen about how he or she can become integrated,
productive, and fulfilled?

At the 2016 BEET Conference, you will:

•       Meet Cary Supalo, a blind Ph.D. chemistry professor and entrepreneur
from Purdue University;
•       Meet Matthew Yeater, soon to be the recipient of a master’s in
divinity who has guided the development of a system for blind scholars
to read and interpret ancient writings in their original languages in
•       Learn how a blind person can work successfully at a high level in
the financial services, brokerage, or banking industry;
•       Take part in the demonstration of high-tech and low-tech tools that
help blind people function normally while on the job, on the road, in
school, and at home; and
•       Meet individuals from right here in Michiana engaged in developing
and marketing new cutting-edge tools that help us blind and
print-disabled people affordably and efficiently get information, lead
a household, have fun, and live the life we want.

For the blind and otherwise print-disabled, exceptional results aren’t
reserved for the few who got a lucky break.  A successful outcome is
not reserved for a handful of sensational prodigies such as Helen
Keller, Ray Charles, or Stevie Wonder.  That successful outcome is
available to many otherwise very “typical” blind men and women who
simply approach a challenge with the proper tools, training, and
tenacity and who faithfully carry out repeatable practices that
already have worked for many who came before them.

See you on May 13 at the BEET Conference!



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